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All API requests have to contain an authentication header with the API key of a user. This is a standard Basic Authentication header and should be in the following format:

authentication: {
    username : "b4dc4a8c0a9543af8342b6c68b1af918" <-- your API key,
    password : "p" <-- any string

As authentication is done with the API key, but the Basic Authentication protocol requires a password, you can use any string value as a password.

Please see the documentation of your preferred language how to create and pass along the authentication header.

Obtaining your API key

You can generate one or more API keys in your profile within the Helpmonks application.

Please make sure to keep your API key a secret. A good practice is to renew your API key every 6 months.


Your permissions within Helpmonks will also apply to the API, i.e. if you use the API key of a user who is an Administrator you will also have Administrator access with the API. On the other hand, a user with “user” permissions will not be able to conduct certain actions withs the API. These API requests will receive a validation error message in the returning data structure.