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Helpmonks API Overview

The Helpmonks API allows you to interact with your data stored in Helpmonks. You can, among many other methods, create a new conversation, update a conversation, create a customer record, create notes, interact with labels and search.


API requests should be done towards https://(yoursubdomain) Please refer to the API documentation for the correct URL.


Please see Authentication to learn how to create your API key and authenticate towards the Helpmonks API.

Data structure

All API methods are issues with a POST or a GET request. POST API methods expect a JSON structure in the body. Please see each individual documentation to learn about the available parameters.

All API methods return a JSON data object in the format:

    "success" : true / false,
    "error" : error object (only shown if success is false),
    "results" : result object or string

Please see each individual documentation to learn about the data in the results.

Example for CURL

Given the above, you would use the following with CURL to send API requests to the Helpmonks API:

curl -X "POST" "" \
-H "Authorization: Basic Njc3ZjFiZWQ5MTUwNGQzNWE5YTQ1MjkxmU3OGFkYjE6KioqKiogSGlkZGVuIGNyWRlbnRpYWICoqKioq" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8" \
-d "{JSON BODY}"


If you have any questions, please post a message to our Helpmonks Developer forum.

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