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Conversation Create

This allows you to import existing converations and add them to your Helpmonks shared inbox.





Name Required Value Comment
body Yes Containing objects of new conversation

The available fields are documented in the Conversation Data Model. Refer to the Query syntax documentation on how to query against your records


  "status": "inbox",
  "mailbox_id": "54b14a700e3db642552771ab",
  "assignee": null,
  "emails": [
      "subject": "NEW",
      "body": "This should send it to the customer",
      "from": {
        "company_user_id": null,
        "user_id": "54708b4ad71ef2dbdb557b78"
  "labels": [

Using user data instead of ObjectId for company_user

The company_user_id object also accepts a user object in addition to a ObjectID. If a user object is provided the system will add the user or will look up the user with the email address.

Using a user object would look like this:

"from": {
  "company_user_id": {
    "email" : "",
    "first_name" : "Awesome",
    "last_name" : "Customer"
  "user_id": null


You can add labels (one or many) at the same time as creating the conversation. The label(s) have to exist. You provide label(s) in an array. For example:

"labels" : [

The lookup for the label is not case-sensitive.

Returned data

Please refer to the Conversation Data Model to see the data structure being returned